Rizos Curls Collapsible Diffuser

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WHAT IS IT?: Rizos Curls Pink Collapsible Diffuser is a game changer when it comes to drying your curls. It helps dry curls evenly and faster, enhances curl definition and volume, and minimizes frizz. Its universal size fits most hair dryers and is collapsible - so it's perfect for easy storage and travel.




  • Dries hair rapidly & evenly
  • Enhances volume & curl definition
  • Universal size that fits most hair dryers
  • Minimizes frizz
  • Creates bouncy, shiny, frizz-free voluminous curls
  • Helps enhance your natural hair texture
  • Great for all textured hair types, waves, curls & coils




  • Collapsible & lightweight
  • Heat resistant silicone diffuser
  • Cool touch surface
  • 6 grips on interior for firm hold
  • Diffuser opening diameter 1 3/4" (for attaching hair dryer)
  • Diffuser diameter 5 1/4" (wide opening for evenly drying curly hair)
  • Max heat up to 460 degrees F

 HOW TO USE:  Simply attach Rizos Curls Collapsible Diffuser to your hair dryer and you're ready to go! For extra volume diffuse with hair upside down.