Hydratherma Naturals - 300 Healthy Hair Tips for All Hair Types!

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300 Healthy Hair Tips for All Hair Types! Everything you need to know about acquiring and maintaini...

Your hair is like your personal fingerprint. No one in this entire world has your hair but you. This is why it is so important to love your hair for what it is TODAY and have gratitude for what it will be tomorrow. Enjoy your own personal journey and love your hair for what it is now. If it is healthy, that's great. If it's damaged, love it anyway and start a healthy hair journey to get it where you want it to be. Enjoy each step of the way. Saleemah Cartwright

This book will give you 300 simple tips, techniques and secrets to help you reach your healthy hair goals. Whether you are Natural, Relaxed, Color Treated or Loc'd, this book contains valuable information just for you. No need to wait. Get started with your healthy hair journey today! Let's see how healthy your hair will be in 1 year from now.

About the Author

Saleemah Cartwright, A licensed cosmetologist and registered nurse (BSN). Saleemah Cartwright, creator and co-owner of the Hydratherma Naturals hair care collection, has made it her mission to promote healthy hair by developing superior hair care products & systems that benefit consumers and support the environment. Committed to inspiring, educating and empowering consumers about achieving healthy hair, she encourages her customers to reach their goals through healthy hair care practices. She is the co-founder of Healthy Hair Journey Enterprises L.L.C. and the Hydratherma Healthy Hair Product Collection. Saleemah Cartwright is a proud member of Cambridge Who's Who among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. "Hair is my love! Hair is my passion! To see hair flourish, thrive and prosper gives me excitement. I find my passion through helping others reach their healthy hair goals. I thank God for the opportunity to share my love with others!" -Saleemah Cartwright