SwirlyCurly Nighttime Hair Bonnets with EdgeProtect™ (Coffee Cream Velvet)

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WHAT IS IT?: A luxurious Satin-Lined Nighttime Hair Bonnet with EdgeProtect™, that keeps naturally curly hair moisturized and protected while you sleep.

This innovative product is the best way to wake up with healthy, damage-free curls you’ll love. Here are the benefits to wearing the Night Time Bonnet every night:

  • Saves Time. The soft satin fabric holds moisture and protects your curls from friction so you're ready to go in the mornings.
  • Grows Longer Hair. Protects your ends and guards against breakage for retaining length on natural hair.
  • Protects Your Edges. Edge Protect™ Technology uses a thick band and satin to protect your hairline from breakage.

The Night Time Bonnet features three snaps so you can adjust it to fit your head size, with no slippage. Woohoo!

Ready to get a comfy night’s sleep and wake up with great curls in the morning?

10" x 10.5" - contains satin on the inside and velvet on the outside.

machine washable and dryer safe. Wash your Nighttime Bonnet to keep it clean and fresh.