Kalahni's Treasures - Curls Crush Creamy Leave-in Detangler

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WHAT IS IT?: Curls Crush Creamy Detangler is a detangling lotion to help loosen knots and detangle hair before or after shampooing. It does not need to be rinsed off and can be used as a leave-in conditioner. It is made with certified organic ingredients such as flax seed gel, marshmallow root gel, slippery elm gel, vegetable glycerin, olive oil and mustard oil.


HOW TO USE IT: Curls Crush Creamy Detangler is used to detangle hair before or after shampoo. Doesn't have to be rinsed out. Can also be used as a leave-in conditioner. Creamy Curls Crush Detangler to detangle and loosen knots in hair before or after shampooing. Also use as a leave-in conditioning lotion.

AVAILABLE IN: 8 fl. oz. size 

INGREDIENTS: Made with certified organic indredients: distilled water (aqua), linum usitatissimum seed (flaxseed gel), althea officinalis l. (marshmallow root gel), ulmus fulva bark (slippery elm bark gel), vegetable glycerin, olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil), brassica alba (mustard seed oil), BTMS emulsifier, citric acid, potassium sorbate, lavandula angustifolia (lavender true ) essential oil.