SwirlyCurly 100% Silk Satin Head Scarf (Red)

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WHAT IS IT?: A 100% Silk Satin Head Scarf

Experience the luxury of satin-silk on your curls. Satin-Silk Headscarf protect your hair against breakage while keeping moisture in! A headscarf is an easy fix to your hair troubles. Whether you're transitioning, have short hair, long hair, medium hair, dry hair, or any type of hair, you can quickly headwrap and you can enjoy a stylish look in less than two minutes! The lightweight, smooth, shiny, silky Satin-Silk material keeps your head cool, allows your hair to grow, and holds moisture all while looking beautiful. Imagine all the new styles you can experience with this Satin-Silk headscarf.

  • 100% Silk Satin Scarf perfect for wrapping and protecting your hair.
  • Featherweight material keeps your head cool.
  • Smooth, Soft & Silky Material looks as great as it feels

37x71 inches
Dry clean preferred or wash on delicate. Air dry