SnoozlePro + Scrunch It Diffuser Bundle

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WHAT IS IT?: The SnozzlePro Universal Hair Dryer Nozzle Adapter is the first-of-its-kind. Made of 100% industrial strength silicone, SnozzlePro's patented design gives your diffusers and concentrators the fit and grip it needs to stay put while protecting your hands from burns on hot attachments. So simple and easy to use, you'll wonder why someone didn't come up with the idea sooner!

  • FITS MOST HAIR DRYERS - SnozzlePro fits most hair dryers with a nozzle diameter measuring 1.5" - 2.25".  (Please measure and confirm your hair dryer nozzle diameter BEFORE purchase.)

  • FITS XTAVA BLACK ORCHID DIFFUSER - SnozzlePro's super-tight fit on the Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser is designed to grip and support the added weight of this large diffuser. (See "How to Attach Your Black Orchid Diffuser" video here for step-by-step instructions.)

  • PREVENTS ATTACHMENT POP-OFFS - SnozzlePro's patented design gives your hair dryer attachments the fit and extra-grippy grip it needs to stay put.

  • PROTECTS HANDS FROM HEAT - Made of 100% industrial strength silicone, SnozzlePro is flexible, durable, and heat resistant making your hair dryer attachments safer and easier to handle.



WHAT IS IT?: Scrunch It Diffuser is the ultimate diffuser for wavy or curly hair. The ultra wide bowl gently cups your curls allowing for frizz free definition and volume in a fraction of the time of regular diffusers.


Less Frizz


More Definition


More Volume




Scrunch It Diffuse will fit dryers with a 6" circumference. If you have a Dyson or dryer with a different circumference, you can use this diffuser with a Snozzle Pro