If you're a naturalista, there's a good chance you've heard of DevaCurl products, or have used them as part of your hair care routine. If you've been following us for some time, you also know that until recently we use to offer a wide range of DevaCurl products. 

We have personally used Devacurl products for several years, and have encountered no known issues that may be product related. That said, due to the surprisingly high number of complaints and allegations we have seen online from DevaCurl customers, we have made the difficult decision to remove the products from our shelves and discontinue the DevaCurl product line in our online store. We no longer felt comfortable selling the products because we saw no resolution regarding this worrying situation. That said, we still carry DevaCurl accessories, because they are good quality and work very well. DevaCurl stands behind its brand and its products, and on our side, we support our mission to provide our customers with safe and high quality products. 

We decided to replace the DevaCurl line, with two hair care lines for you to select from: Innersense Organic Beauty hair care brand, and Zotos Professional All About Curls